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Kyle says: Ohio sure does have some beautiful sunsets! Who else got some fishing in this weekend?? I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!

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  1. Avatar Skiff LIfe

    Some people like the country side, we have waterfalls, awesome hiking spots. Good fishing and always in the top for the biggest whitetail bucks around. We have waterfowl hunting, Lake Erie, some good sports teams and mountains/big hills on the south east part of the state and much more @solarzv

  2. Avatar Skiff LIfe I just got to a hiking trail! I wish I knew you were in Ohio, I would’ve asked you for sights to see awhile ago! Anything on west side? I’m about midstate right now. Probably goin to set up camp in north Kentucky tonight.

  3. Avatar Skiff LIfe I can definitely see myself coming back to this campsite! I’m about to get poured on.? I will see if she wants to go there! Who knows, I’ll probably end up over on that side of the state before heading to Kentucky. Haha. Thank you?

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