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Capt Ron says: Midget aka Katie and I just enjoying a quite time together watching Tv…She was rescued from the #esva #spca about 7 years ago by an elderly friend of mine and he was diagnosed with cancer and asked if anything happened to him if I would take care of her…Sadly he passed about 4 years ago and Midget aka Katie and I are best friends She’s stole a piece of my heart P.S. Ive always had 100lb labs and my two I had for 18 years Charlie and DaisyMae both passed within six months of each other turning my world upside down so when I took Katie I called her Midget and it stuck #imnotsurewhorescuedwhom #crabpotropeleaseforthevet #esva #spca #foreverhome #chesapeakebay #crabs #fishing #skifflife #virginia #pawprintsonmyheart #daddyslittlegirl

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  1. Avatar Skiff LIfe

    Lol Thank you, my labs Charlie and DaisyMae I had from pups for wonderful years but they both passed six months apart and I thought my works had ended, six months later my friend passed and after being a lab owner for 18 years I was no way looking to adopt a already middle aged beagle but I gave my word and Charlie and DaisyMae would of wanted me to help her so I took her home the day my friend died and within a week she stole a piece of my heart…I’m not sure who rescued who ?

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