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Capt Ron says: In Memory of my Most Loving Mom , The Woman that made me who I am and the most special woman to ever be in my life. Today would be her Birthday thou I cannot bring myself to say Happy Birthday Ma because she died the night before her Birthday 8 years ago last night, She was an orphan and never knew what it was like to have a mom and dad but she was the Best Mother anyone could ever have or want. She had a very hard life and never complained and thou we didn’t have much growing up as kids she worked her fingers to the bones in tomato fields and cucumber fields riding the back of the planters with migrant workers. She made sure us kids had clean clothes and food to eat and she never asked or wanted anything for herself. I could write a book on the hard life my Mom went thru but of course she wouldn’t want me to speak of her she always put everyone first. She was Mother to 8 of us kids and Nana to over 50 Grand and Great Grandkids and Was always the Rock of our large family…You will Never be Forgotten Ma … My eyes water as I cry while I’m writing this because I cannot stop thinking of you and how much I miss you and the Pain of losing you will Never go away…I hear your voice in my head Always teaching me and always telling me how great I am and always making me feel like the most important person in the world Thou in reality You are the Most Important person in the World to Me!! I love you and Miss you today as much as the day You had to leave us… You are in Heaven I know and God has taken the most Special person I will ever know in my Life, I would give anything to hug and kiss you and tell you once again How much I Love you Ma and one day I will see you again and I won’t ever let you go…. Love you Ma!! Your loving devoted Son the man I would of never been without you, Ronald Wayne #godhasaspecialangel #mylifewonteverbethesamewithoutyou #familymatriarch #ma #mom #mother #nana #americanindian #neveraskedforanything #family #notahappybirthday #missyoumoretheneverma #esva #virginia #dirtpoorbutrichinlife #crab #fish #saltlife #skifflife #downbythecreek

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  1. Avatar Skiff LIfe

    I’m sorry for your loss of your Ma she left to soon Another Angel has her wings Rest in Perfect Peace Ma’am Happy Birthday to her Mom’s are the rock caring loving they give the last piece of pie to you I understand your pain and missing her will never go away she’s with you always she warms your face with the sun she cries when it’s raining she knows you miss her for she misses you too when the wind blows listen her voice telling you I’m right here I love you all take care of one another everything will be alright. She was a very beautiful lady remember to share her teachings her legacy lives on through all of you and the stories shared the memories linger you hold her in your hearts

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