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Mike Conjo says: Just hit 30 thousand followers! Pretty damn stoked, and thank you to all my captains out there! especially the qualified ones.. –

For the occasion I’ll be giving away a free tee shirt and sticker for whoever can give this guy^^ the most qualified of an answer ?
Someone told him to duct tape razor blades to the prop ??‍♂️?? #cantmakethisshitup #qualified #qualifiedaf #30k #abigthankstoallofyou #freegiveaway #letshearwhatyougot #skifflife #boateroftheday #thiscantbereal #trickmyskiff #haveagoodweekend

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  1. Avatar Skiff LIfe

    Ya totally all you need is a grinder grind each prop for 3 mins until it there is non then get three axis and angle them so it will go through the water and move the boat and cut the grass and the Gators the manatees the fish drunk drivers you know everything and then if your boat breaks down you have a axe to cut down a tree or a zombie and you have a tool on you boat motor. Best idea ever going pro in 2020

  2. Avatar Skiff LIfe

    It will only help a little bit, remember your prop is all the way in the back of the boat. For a much more effective method I recommend sharpening your hull with an angle grinder and it will cut right though those damn weeds. Please note once you grind it down you are going to want to put a good coat of wax on there to reduce friction!

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