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Capt Ron says: One room Post Office in LeeMont Va Population about 64 … 100 yards from the old farm house I grew up in as a teen..I took these pictures yesterday when passing they my childhood hometown…Sadly But was meant to be the old farm house I grew up in with fond memories was demolished once our family moved out and was plowed under and Now is part of the field that it stood in for over 100 years …..My school bus driver lived behind it and ran post office also and use pay me 25 cents every other day to sweep out the school bus and she gave me jobs raking her leaves… She supplied the paint and paid me $7 to paint the post office when I was 14 Years Old … The post office closed about 25-30 years ago due to mailboxes but remains in disrepair… I’d love to get permission to bring it back to what it was just for memories of days gone by…It had an old pot belly cast iron wood stove in which shed burn coal (which is probably still in There) She would sit behind a wooden basically shadow box with about 40 slots in which she would place each residents mail and you walk in she knew everyone by name and would hand You your mail and ask how your family was… A lot of Gossip passed thru these walls lol…If I got lucky Old Man Jack the mailman would be there delivering the towns sack of mail and he would always give us kids a bag of penny candy root beer barrels and Mary Janes to share with my brothers and sisters and at Christmas he would always have extra Montgomery Wards Christmas Catalogs and give us a copy and we would dream of all the things we’d love to have for Christmas and would tear out the pages and I kept mine tacked to the wall next to my bed…99.9 % of the time I wouldn’t get what I wished for but what I got I was extremely grateful for and would think maybe next year. #kidshavegreatimaginations #youcantmisswhatyouveneverhad #gratefulforwhatigot #familyisforever #godsgiftismyfamily #shoreliving #southernliving #poorinwealthrichinfamily #commercialwaterman #southerncrabber #virginia #shoreredneck #fish #crabs #chesapeakebay #saltlife #skifflife

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  1. Avatar Skiff LIfe

    @jakesbait Thanks Dude… And Yes it did make me appreciate a dollar or back then a dime even… I remember with the $7 I made which was more money then I had see at one time in my life I Road my bike a couple miles to a nearby 5 and Dime store and bought my Mom a green ceramic Chinese tea pot that cane with 4 mugs and a metal rack they sat in for $5 and gave to my Mom which she cherished for many many years and placed it on our old mantel over the Siegler oil burner that we used to heat the house.. I remember the set vividly like Was yesterday apparently over the last couple decades they got broken or damaged in the move from the old farm house. But every challenge or task I walked thru even thou at the time it was just another day I now know was a learning experience which became a part of me and looking back I wouldn’t change a thing and am only saddened at the loss that most of today’s kids are missing out on. And Yes If Spring doesnt come soon I’m gonna flip out!! Lol Hopefully be a great year for you and your family also!!!

  2. Avatar Skiff LIfe

    @southerndudeva I agree on the new generation, it’s hard trying to instill the values we/I grew up on but if atleast some sinks in with my son I’ll be happy. My town had a Post Office like yours a Firehouse and a big Church…oh we did have a soda machine in town one year.We had homemade Bateaus’ instead of bikes to get around as kids.Same as you.. I wouldn’t change a thing if I could

  3. Avatar Skiff LIfe

    @jakesbait We never had a firehouse but we did have a small church and would go religiously all ten of us would walk there it was only 30 yards away every Sunday and Wednesday night no matter what. It had seats that were out of an old theater and was 9 seats to row and we would take up one whole row and my oldest brother would sit behind us with his girlfriend and her family… My dad would give us each a dime to place intonthe offering plate. And I know it sounds weird to some but the highlight of my young life was loading up in the 3 seated station wagon and take the trash to the dump every Saturday morning my Dad and myself and my 3 brothers and we would scavenge the dump and My Mom always said we brought home more then we took and over the years we had a mountain of old bicycle parts in our barn and all the local kids would always come to our house and we would fix their bikes and build our own I remember adding longer forks that we would saw off others and make chopper style bikes or banana seats with sissy bars or built wooden carts and add bicycle wheels and make push carts with a rope for steering…Or riding on the tailgate dragging our feet on the dirt road leading down to the dump which now days would be child endangerment lol Fun Times!!!

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