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Raymond Martin says: Someone is sitting in the shade on #weldwednesday because someone built a ttop not a long time ago. -Warren Buffet. Here’s a couple of shots of my custom bender which formed all of the bends for these two sections. This bender is made specifically for anodized extrusions and features polished dies and delrin followers and rollers. It’s the one thing in my shop that has never had any breakdowns in the 14 years I’ve owned my shop. ? #tools #anodizedaluminum #marinefabrication #skifflife #skiff #weldporn #welding #lowcountry #parkerboats

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  1. Avatar skifflife

    @martinmarinedesign So are you mostly using a roller for these? Hope this isn’t a stupid question. I’m just starting out. I got a Delrin die set for the roller but trying to figure out if I need to get a pipe bender. I don’t know what size radius of dies I need. Thanks!

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