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Bryan Dulovich says: 1st fish of the day. The day was filled with epic eats. We caught this jack as dolphin was herd’m up against a mangrove island. We caught this guy and the dolphin ate a different one. After release, the dolphin came back and ate this fella. #skifflife #skiff #inshorefishing #fishing #fish #jackcrevalle #pennfishingreels #redfish #trout #florida #morning #tampa #flatsfishing

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  1. Avatar skifflife

    @plagnese I don’t think the jacks really understood they were about to be breakfast. The dolphin was pushing everything towards the mangroves and the jacks saw an easy meal and started crashing the bait fish & that’s when we hooked up. After that the dolphin just kept hanging around the boat looking for his easy meal. He’d hang on one side then disappear. 2 mins later he’d be on the other side of the boat hanging out. That jack never stood a chance.

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