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Hoang Nguyen says: Thanks @skinnydipperfishing for linking me to the gaskets to order online. These worked great. Yeah I finally installed the gaskets. Even though the boat looks complete, there was still some things that needed buttoned up and modified. I am sure I can find more in the near future to have it salt ready. #FRS15 #SALTBOATWORKS #WOODENBOATBUILD #PLYWOODBOAT #HOMEMADEBOAT #WOODBOAT #WOODSKIFF #MICROSKIFF #SKIFFLIFE #SALTLIFE #TEXASSKIFF #FISHING #STITCHANDGLUE

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  1. Avatar skifflife

    So I was sent a link and it was a rounded profile weather strip / gasket. I dug deeper and found these flat and wide strips. You need to make sure you measure your hatch gap when closed. I had to readjust my cam latch after installing. I gapped the hatch for .125″ or 1/8″ weather strip / gasket. I ordered 4mm which is .157″ so it was just .030″ thicker.

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