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Rex Del Rey says:


It was windy and the marsh was low low. The one thing we had going for us on day 1 of the @fishvillagram Louisiana trip was it was sunny so we dipped into the marsh. You could see fish, but they were often right up on you. This guy though, was in a couple inches of water and crawling around in the mud with it’s back out. I decided to grab my camera and get some footage (turns out I didn’t hit record.) Before I knew it, the wind was drifting me right to it and it was also coming right for me. I had enough time grab my rod and flip the bail. A little twitch twitch and I was hooked up. An eat by the boat is the best. Gottem! #PutItInTheyFace
Keep it FUN. Keep it FRSH. #FishFRSH
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