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➔ Skiff Life says: Sweet Carolina skiff @krisricharz !
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  1. Avatar Skiff LIfe

    I never said it wasn’t a “J” series. I said it looked bigger than 16 feet. 16 feet is 16 feet whether it’s a J or DLX. I happen to own a DLX series which is why I was referring to that for size. You clearly know nothing about these boats. Who’s the retard now? @richl239

  2. Avatar Skiff LIfe

    @finatic_nl what you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  3. Avatar Skiff LIfe

    How is me saying that the boat looks bigger then 16 feet stupid? Sorry I’m not a walking tape measure. I think the two of you need a little higher education and no I don’t want a bigger boat because I would no longer be able to fish the spots I currently do. @krisricharz

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