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A perfect calm before a storm of Redfish school past ready to do battle with Ben Paschal of Laguna Madre Outfitters near Arroyo City on the precious Lower Laguna Madre, Texas. Perfection.

Capt. Ben Paschal runs Fly Fishing charters on the Lower Laguna Madre, Texas from March to October.


About Capt. Ben Paschal’s Fishing area.

The Lower Laguna Madre is a shallow, hyper-saline lagoon perfectly suited for fly fishing. The entire Lower Laguna Madre averages only 2-3 feet in depth while most of our fly fishing occurs in water knee deep or less. Located at the very southern tip of Texas, the Lower Laguna runs from South Padre Island to the land cut. The Lower Laguna is home to about 75% of the seagrass on the Texas coast which keeps the water extremely clear for the Texas gulf coast. From mangrove lined west side bays covered in massive seagrass meadows, to the expansive east side sand flats, the Lower Laguna Madre offers the best fly fishing for redfish the Texas coast has to offer. In addition to fly fishing for redfish, the Lower Laguna Madre is provides a unique chance to sight cast for very large speckled seatrout.


Capt. Ben Paschal


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