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Throwing a successful Happy Birthday for Husband can be a daunting task. One of the most difficult things about shopping for gifts for men is that by their very nature they’ve already amassed alot of what they love. Since their childhood days of collecting comics and baseball cards, men are programmed to collect (and never throw away) items they’ve amassed in their pursuit of a hobby.  

This is much more the case for outdoors type men whose criteria is often so esoteric that it’s next to impossible to translate the lingo: Shimano, braided line, transducer etc.  This is made even MORE complicated as Fishing shirts and apparel provide very little standards in sizing.  A man who normally fishes in a size large fishing shirt could end up looking like 10 lbs. of potatos in a 4 lbs. sack!

Is there a solution for a hassle free gift for a man that is guaranteed to fit and make him a happy birthday for husband?

Fortunately, YES!  Introducing: Fishing Hats!

Fishing Hats gifts for men
The perfect gift for a man, the fishing hat.

The simple, time tested fishing hat.  He’s got hats everywhere, in different stages of decomposition and the best way to “guide” a man away from a smelly, decomposing hat is to introduce a new one! Even better, Skiff Life’s hats are all embroidered here in the U.S.A. meeting strict quality control (i.e. No stinky, ratty looking hats)!

Fishing Hats take on different meanings for different days…seriously!  Men tie their memories to specific hats, which is why you rarely see them throw a hat away.  It’s also why they raise hell when one particularly smelly, ragged hat goes “missing” via the trash can.

The only solution is to replace or add to the fishing hat inventory.  Why?  Men view a new fishing hat as a challenge to “break-in” and to train the fishing hat to “fit perfect”.  During this “break-in” period they accumulate new memories and the hats become their new “favorite hat”.  Seriously!  Even better…no fear of the wrong size, one size fits all!!

Luckily, Skiff Life has collected the most complete collection of the best selling fishing hats for you to choose from.  All of these hats are tested by men and given the green light.  If he wear’s a visor style hat, we’ve got those here.  Does he like a particular team?  Chances are we have popular color combo for you to combine his passions here.  How about camo fishing & hunting hats?  We’ve got those here.  Try a hat or two, there is NO FEAR of the WRONG SIZE!

Here are the collection to peruse, scroll or click to jump to a style of hat:  Visors, Camo, Fishing Hats.  You can’t go wrong with any of these selections.

Fishing Visor style Hats


Trucker Fishing Hats


Flexfit Hats


Twill Fishing Hats


Camo Fishing Hats


Fishing Hats


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