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Living the Skiff Life is a WAY OF LIFE. Our most precious resource is our time and how we spend it.  We fish hard, we play hard, we simply love inshore & nearshore fishing & boating. Skiff Life is for those of us who when not on the water are thinking about how QUICKLY we can get back on it.  With our over 200,000 members actively involved in The Skiff Life, our lifestyle is an enjoyable and popular one.  living the skiff life

Choosing to spend your time with friends and family on the water is quality time well-spent.  Regardless if it’s towing a tube or some other watersport or scuba diving/snorkeling in the Florida Keys on the hunt for lobster, there is a Skiff out there for you. Today’s skiff builders continue to listen to loyal Skiff owners and evolve their products to meet the needs to handle The Skiff Life. 

Here are a few builders you’ll want to check out in order to get started.

Step 1. The Beginner Skiff Life or Budget Skiff Life owner. 

Sundance K16 Skiff.

Easy to own and operate while remaining incredibly affordable, the K-16 is a legendary Sundance model that sets the standard for the Carolina Skiff style of flat bottom boats.  There are many that have tried to duplicate the flat bottom found on a Carolina Skiff style of boat but Sundance stands at the top of this category with quality and value.

Measuring 15′-9″ feet, the Sundance K-16 is ready skinny water but also more that capable of inshore coastal fishing and lake runs.  Our classic hull has satisfied thousands and thousands of owners over our history and run well with a smaller, more fuel efficient outboard in the 40 to 50 horsepower range. Also lightweight at just 680 pounds and fuel efficient, the K-16 can easily fill multiple roles as a fisher or small work vessel.  This boat is remarkably stable under heavy loads and is great for the family or cruises on lakes or inshore lagoons.


The Sundance skiff is the standard in Carolina Skiff style flat bottom boats.

The Technical Poling Skiff – A fisherman’s dream.

Skimmer Skiffs
The Skimmer 14’6 is the Ultimate Shallow Water Skiff™ with in reach of the everyday man. This skiff allows a fisherman the chance to get out on the water with out breaking the bank.  The fit and finish quality is outstanding which is even more surprising given the highly affordable entry cost of this skiff.  The Skimmer Skiff is the perfect flats boat for a single day fisherman with kids or getting on the fish with a fishing buddy.  Visit our friend Ali’s Skimmer Skiff here for a closer look at this great skiff.


The Skimmer Skiff 14 is a great introductory into the world of a technical poling skiff.

Hybrid-Technical Skiff

Bonefish Boatworks

As you learn what part of the Skiff Life you wish to enjoy the most, your needs for a skiff will change.  Bonefish Boatworks offers 4 seperate lines of boats to fit those changing needs with a dizzying array of skiff styles and sizes to choose from to create your own Skiff Life.

Visit Bonefish Boatworks here.

Bonefish Boatworks- Rocky Creek Skiffs: 

Gone are the days of owning multiple boats for different seasons. Designed as the ultimate sportsmen’s boat, the T18′ offers a spacious interior and an enormous front deck. With its shallow draft and optional LED bow lights, the T18′ is an excellent choice for bow fishing, gigging, saltwater flats fishing, shrimping, bully netting, bass fishing and hunting. Regardless of the season, your adventure starts here. 







Transom Height  



Max Horsepower



Max Persons






Fuel Capacity


12 gallons

12 gallons



1,400 pounds


                    All figures are subject to variance


We hope you enjoyed Living the Skiff Life, How To Guide Volume 1.  We plan on doing these on a regular basis.

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