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Editor’s Note: We’ve had the pleasure to meet Zack via our social media skiff efforts on Facebook. You might recognize some of his photography on the blockbuster Skiff Porn we did of Ali’s Skimmer Skiff. Zack’s passion for skiffs and inshore fishing translate through to his photography. We asked him to provide a little information about himself and to start a collection of Skiff photos culled from the hundreds of images he takes while working. Enjoy!

Meet Zack Thomas and his Skiffs

I like to tell myself that the reason I don’t catch more fish is that when I’m on the water I’ve got a camera in my and at least as often as a rod. Maybe it’s even true.

I’m usually shooting something specific — either for a client or for my own purposes — but I try to stay aware of what’s going on beyond the subject too. Often, it’s the unplanned, quick-snap shots that I end up liking the best.

The other day, I was sorting pics and noticed something of a pattern. Often, in the middle of a day worth of fish and people pics, there will be one or two snaps of random skiffs in the distance — sometimes fishing, sometimes running — usually with the sky as a big part of the frame.

To me, they emphasize one of the best things about being on a boat — a few hours of welcome solitude and simplicity in the middle of a too busy world.

See anybody you know?

About Zack Thomas

Based in East Central Florida, Zack Thomas is a writer, photographer, and web developer who specializes in supporting small businesses in the marine and fishing industry — boat builders, guides, lodge operators, and more. He’s also an avid angler and skiff junkie, currently restoring a ’98 Pathfinder 17T. See more photos as well as recent web projects at

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