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Heron 18 Skiff Specifications:

Length:  18′ 6″                   Beam: 77″ Deck Level
Weight:  650 Lbs              Min HP: 60  Hp     Max Hp:  90 Hp

Taking two years of feedback from SaltMarsh’s successful launch of their Heron 16 and adding a unique new transom design topped off with a year of testing has produced an extraordinary roomy yet shallow water skiff. 

Salt Marsh’s Variable Radius Transom makes this skiff pole like a 17 footer while maintaining super stealthy maneuverability by deflecting wave energy quietly.  

The new offering employs the SaltMarsh concept of building skiffs using kevlar laminates for high strength and toughness with a specially formulated resin.  Recent resin research has allowed SaltMarsh to push the performance/cost envelope of this space age material. Of course kevlar fabric is the standard  in armor vests and troop protection; when used with the new resins, kevlar makes for one tough boat!


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