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The newly released Infinity by Harman® Kappa Series of speakers from Prospec Electronics is the new standard in on-the-water audio fidelity. The patent-pending design is engineered to overcome the limitations of vertical space that’s common on boats to deliver premium sound whether seated or standing.

They make their Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show debut, Oct. 31–Nov. 4, in the Orange Zone Electronics Tent, booth 351.

The three new Kappa Series speakers are available with titanium or white grilles. They feature a possible seven RGB colors in the center mount and perimeter for an exclusive appearance unlike anything else on the market. UV- and water-resistant, they are built for a harsh marine environment.

The Kappa Series is more than exceptional looks, however. The audio performance rivals that of a luxury automobile. No matter the volume, the sound is clear and precise without the distortion common in lesser speakers.

The 6.5″ speaker boasts 100W RMS, 300W peak power for critical audio reproduction. The 8″ three-way speaker contains 200W RMS, 500W peak while the 10″ passive subwoofer carries 300W RMS, 900W peak power for deep, powerful lows.

The 8″ three-way speaker is unique in that the mid tweeter is removable. Once removed, the objective is to place it at ear level, lifting the unidirectional mids and highs off the ground. What’s left is the omnidirectional bass. This flexible option allows the soundstage to be raised, resulting in a full auditory experience. Upon removal of the 3.5″ mid tweeter, a replica pod sets in place, completing the original look of the speaker.

The 6.5″ white (KAPPA6120MAM) and titanium (KAPPA6125MAM) marine coaxial speakers retail for $299.95/pair; the 8″ white (KAPPA8130MAM) and titanium (KAPPA8135MAM) three-way speakers, $399.95/pair; and the 10″ white (KAPPA1010MAM) and titanium (KAPPA1050MAM) passive subwoofer is $349.95/ea.

Contact Prospec Electronics

3325 S Morgans Point Rd.
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466.

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