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There is nothing more frustrating than trying to carry more than 1 rod/reel combo with a single hand. This coupled with the challenge of storing your favorite rods without damage really creates some challenges. We were amazed to find Rod-Runner which easily answers those questions for anglers plus alot more!

Now anyone can easily load and transport rods to the boat and back (Trucks, SUV, etc…) as well as provide a nice washdown location without the rods/reels touching the ground.

The removable legs we thought were extra cool as now you don’t have to worry about scratches to the rod or reel when set down on the beach or ground as the reel never touches the surface.

The rod-runner holds any size spinning rod, fly rod, and offshore combos up to 50W+! (even some electric) which makes this an extra attractive offshore accessory.

The bungee locked rod holders can be used vertically, horizontally, and even overhead to store rods.

The mounts were also designed so users can zip tie them just about anywhere from bicycles, golf carts, kayak crates, etc

Feature Recap:

  • PROTECTION – Easily carry up to 5 fishing rods in one hand without tangling lines, breaking guides, or damaging expensive rods and reels.
  • TRANSPORTATION – Quickly load in SUVs, trucks, cars, boats, even kayaks for unmatched rod and reel protection during transportation.
  • VERSATILITY – Light or heavy fishing tackle! Including spinning reels, baitcasters, fly rods, surf rods, even offshore conventional up to 50W!
  • CONVENIENCE – Wash down and rig secured fishing rods to spend more time fishing and less time prepping and cleaning your fishing gear.
  • DURABILITY – Hardened ABS with UV+ inhibitor to hold up in any environment. Lightweight and compact design for easy storage.


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