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If you are looking to range farther and wider than a traditional fishing kayak, the Solo Skiff may be what you are looking for. The Solo Skiff is best described as a fishing kayak on steroids!  You enjoy all the stealth of a traditional sit on top fishing kayak with the added benefit of powering with up to a 5HP motor. 


Originally developed in Florida, where storms can move in very quickly, this new type of fishing tool allows you to move quickly when needed (nobody likes lightening on the water) and to also cover fishing ground normally inaccessible due to paddle fatigue.  Fishing Kayaks are best known for the ability traverse extremely shallow water where normal boats cannot go.  This same benefit is realized with a solo skiff as it drafts in mere inches.  Just shy of four feet in the beam, this micro skiffs features a terrific stability exceeding even traditional kayaks.

While the 5HP motor won’t set any speed records, the Solo Skiff will plane with a 160 pound passenger and a 2.5 Hp Motor. The approximate speed will vary but around 8-9 mph can be expected with the 2.5HP motor.  This increased tremendously to about 12-13mph with a 3.5Hp, and speed with a 5Hp approximately 16-17 mph. This is all dictated by the on passenger’s weight and gear they bring along.  As avid user’s of motorized microskiffs, we can assure you that 16-17 miles per hour feels like 60 miles per hour.  You really don’t want to travel that much faster in a microskiff as things can happen very quickly in a small craft requiring fast reflexes and added speed can become a problem.

Solo Skiff Specifications:

  • 14′-4″ LOA
  • 41″ Beam
  • 155 Lb hull weight
  • 5 Hp max -Short shaft (15″ motor)
  • 400 Lb capacity

The Solo Skiff is manufactured with a revolutionary roto-molded manufacturing process.  This allows for the same quality and performance with a drastic cut in price versus the manual methods employed by most boat builders.

Scroll down for detail drawings and videos.

The all in one piece seamless Roto molded version has an MSRP of $ 1,850, plus shipping / destination cost (shipping to the retailer). This includes the hull rigged with the 2 rod tubes, hatch, grab rail, and the hatch pull or latch, and the insulated built in cooler which can also be used as a live well.

We really love these Solo Skiffs by Tom Mitzlaff, founder of the original Mitzi & IPB skiffs. Tom’s passion for fishing and boating shallow water translates to everything he builds. 

Get to know the Solo Skiff here: or Locate a Dealer

Solo Skiff is the first true hybrid one man fishing boat. A true blend of a kayak and a powered skiff

Click here for more specifications, faq & information or to download the owners’s manual for the Solo Skiff.

solo skiff


solo skiff
Bass Fishing with the Solo Skiff

Saltwater or Freshwater, the Solo Skiff allows you to travel faster and farther than a kayak to fishing locations and then sneak up silently.


The Solo Skiff has a dedicated following of users and has established themselves as a company that supports their product.

Here is a great FAQ section from Solo Skiff that answers alot of the questions we had.

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