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Seatrout are among the most sought after coastal fish in the Gulf of Mexico and both coasts of Florida. Having a few seatrout secrets to catch these beautiful fish will guarantee a terrific bite any time of the year. These amazing fish are able to reach weights of 17 pounds or more. The largest of the seatrout are called “Gator” trout due to the large, long frame of their mouth and massive front teeth. So here are a few key things to know if you want to go fishing for big seatrout.

You see a multitude (and catch) a great deal of the smaller schools of seatrout than you do the monster Gator seatrout but they are out there.

Gator seatrout don’t act the same as their smaller brethren or hang out in the same areas for that matter. The main reason smaller seatrout won’t hang out with their big brothers is that seatrout are cannibalistic in nature. Yes, they will eat their younger brothers and that includes the slot-size fish in the 15-20 inch range. Gator seatrout are also loners for the most part or you can find them in pairs occasionally but very rarely will you find a school of gator seatrout.

Check out this gorgeous seatrout Gary caught while fishing with our friend Capt. Brad.

gator seatrout
Gary with a gator seatrout in Edgewater, FL with Capt. Brad Kayholm

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Contrary to popular opinion, you’ll even find the largest seatrout in the skinniest of water. Keep in mind though that no matter how shallow, large gator trout like to stay close to deeper water as a means of escape. That in itself is a clue when looking for places to hunt gator seatrout. Nice shallow flats that feature a steep drop-off like into a deep channel is a great setup.

The large sea trout can cover large distances so in many cases a nice artitfical lure that covers alot of ground quickly is much better than the standard popping cork with live shrimp that is so popular for slot sea trout.

The infamous Heddon Zara Spook was lure of choice for the current IGFA All-Tackle World Record Seatrout of 17 pounds, 7 ounces. This is the lure that invented the “Walk The Dog” action over 50 years ago.

Here is a great video demonstrating this fantastic technique and what truly is a Seatrout secret.

What about boats? If you love to catch seatrout, red drum and other inshore species, we’d suggest the Sundance DX18 Skiff

Seatrout catching machine, The Sundance DX18

Built on Sundance’s wildly popular B18 hull, the DX18 is a head-turning fishing machine that can easily accommodate the family adventure too. This 18-foot center console skiff is stable and wide and makes fish fighting or just cruising with up to six passengers enjoyable with a smooth, dry ride. Add in a large, clear-view, rear live well, upgraded console, full-sized jump seats with cushioned backrest, and it’s easy to see why the DX18 is easy to love. Check out your local Sundance dealer here.

Here is a nice video of a Sundance underway:

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