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Capt. Joe says: Anyone else sight fish solo on fly from a poling skiff, inflatable, soloskiff, rover, or any other floatation device where you use a push pole to maneuver yourself? I can’t count how many fish I’ve spooked while locking the push pole and reaching for the fly rod. Luckily everything came together for this cruising redfish I spotted while poling the #Scout365 solo. Sight fishing solo on fly while poling is a fun challenge although it causes me to appreciate how much easier and more effective it is when one person is on tower and one is on bow. #technicalpolingskiffsforthewin #smallwindowofopportunity #lotsofvariables

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  1. Avatar skifflife

    I have a one man skiff and do it all of the time. I use a belt clip for my push pole and have found a stripping bucket to keep my rod at the ready to be key. It makes you a better fisherman though by forcing you to make quick and accurate shots. Makes being pushed around by someone else seems like child’s play

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