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This Skiff is so awesome!!! comment below why you think you deserve it.
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  1. Avatar skifflife

    Keep up the awesome work! I can tell that y’all are having a blast while you’re working and grinding like crazy to perfect your craft! The black decking is incredible on this one!! Keep pushing the curve and keep enjoying the process ??? if y’all end up doing a giveaway I would love to see y’all keep the boat and “giveaway” some guided trips on your skiffs. It would also be awesome for y’all to take out some kids in your local area that wouldn’t be able to experience the water and fishing without yalls help ???? keep having a blast and keep making awesome skiffs ?

  2. Avatar skifflife

    Because I would fish the ever living hell out of it in skinny marsh and take some epic photos and post them non stop.??‍♂️ Plus I would take like minded homies out in it in my area. Kinda like getting them hooked on the good stuff. At the end of the day when I can afford one I will buy it and do the same thing anyway. ?

  3. Avatar skifflife

    Um…um…I deserve it, because I just do damnit! I’m a feral kind of guy. I don’t discriminate where water is concerned, I’ll fish anywhere, a ditch, a creek, a pond a river, or bay. I’ve owned almost every kind of small craft, from Boston Whaler’s, to Mckee craft, Mitchell’s, and Stump Knocker’s to homemade mullets skiffs and antique wooden boats. This Skiff is all I’ve dreamed of. Simple. Most, ( every ) flats boat builders won’t sell you a bare boat. They’re afraid you’ll build a better one than them. This boat, is the way it should be, a man, a motor and his skiff, plying the waterways, thankful for all his eyes have witnessed while there. Out there, on the water, a man can’t deny God. So, anyway I deserve it, and will get one. Soon.

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